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About Us

Peasant, as the name implies, is about the simple things in life. From the rustic honest Spanish fare, through to the Barcelona style interiors to the extensive wine list, Peasant was conceived and designed to pull you off the streets on Brisbane and send you to another world. Since 2010, Peasant, to much acclaim, has been transporting Bris-Vegas types from a portal at the Barracks in Paddington to a tapas bar worthy of an address in Barcelona.

Be forewarned, Peasant is nothing like else in Brisbane. Formal dining it is not, traditional dining is usurped by a shared dining experience. The music is cool, the lighting moody and staff so friendly you'll be sending friend requests to them.

But above all, we at Peasant truly believe that people have forgotten that restaurants should be as much about food as about having a good time - and boy if you come to our house can we show you a good time. Our sangria is legendary, our wine list runs from cheap and cheerful table wines to some of the greatest wines from Spain, and we've got some of the best Iberian beer and sherry available in Australia.

Whether you're eating at the bar, or grazing in the garden, every experience at Peasant is different because we are different. Peasant is the Spanish Rock kid brother who's mama taught him how to cook real good.

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